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Introducing our Community Dividend Fund

“The money is raised in the community, for the community and by the community. What could be better than that?” – Rev Mike Harris, Vicar of Amington


Community Dividend Fund in action


The Tamworth Co-operative Society has always supported the local community. In 1889, for example, we gave cash to a local cottage hospital, the fire brigade, and even to a member who had lost his horse. This tradition of giving has lasted for more than a century and today’s Tamworth Co-op helps the community in many ways. Every year we organise meals in conjunction with South Staffordshire College and give away the proceeds. We also hold an annual Christmas memorial service for people who have lost loved ones. The Society supports various charities too with ad hoc donations. However, our Community Dividend Fund is now our biggest fundraising initiative, generating a five-figure sum each year for 15 worthy organisations across our trading area.

How the Community Dividend Fund works

Every year our 11 convenience stores, town centre supermarket and main department store are aligned to local worthy causes. These are nominated by our customers and you don’t even have to be a member to put forward a group for consideration. Nominations are approved by the Board of Directors. Shoppers who visit their local branch can then donate the dividends they earn on their purchases to the cause it has been partnered with. This year’s receiving Good Causes are listed here.

Who can benefit?

We are looking for organisations such as schools, playgroups, clubs for the elderly or specific interest groups which carry out an important function for the benefit of people living in the community. Big national charities, such as Cancer Research and the British Heart Foundation, will not be eligible as we are looking to help doorstep projects. Groups nominated by customers must not be in the private sector or for profit. In addition they must be near to the particular branch they visit.

How much do the groups receive?

There is no limit to how much a community group can receive as it depends purely on the goodwill of customers.  A five-figure sum is raised annually across all participating branches and cheques to individual groups have ranged from £200 to around £2,000. We would encourage all nominated organisations to spread the word and ensure people know how to support them.

How do I nominate a cause?

Nominations become active in October and November each year with forms available at all branches. This is promoted in the local media, in all our stores and on this website. Customers can only vote once and at just one location.  For more information, click here 

“We’re local, we’re independent and we care.” 

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Latest Community Dividend Fund presentations :

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Tamworth Co-op helps Lichfield playgroup splash out on pool

A Lichfield playgroup is to splash out on a paddling pool and a new set of toys, thanks to a generous donation from the Tamworth Co-operative Society.

Tamworth Co-op has treat in ‘store’ for village hall groups

Groups using Whittington Village Hall are to benefit from a purpose-built storage area, thanks to the generosity of shoppers at the nearby Tamworth Co-op convenience store.

Group which fires up community spirit gets a £699 cheque

A group which has ignited community spirit in the Kingsbury area has been rewarded with a £699 cheque from the Tamworth Co-op.

Prom date for members of SPIN group – thanks to the Co-op

A Tamworth group which helps people with special needs will be holding a summer prom funded by cash from the Tamworth Co-operative Society.

School to get a prayer garden courtesy of Tamworth Co-op

Money from the Tamworth Co-operative Society will help a Tamworth school create a special prayer garden for pupils. The Friends of St Gabriel’s Primary School in Belgrave say they will use the Society’s gift to make a place where youngsters can relax and reflect.
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