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Pupils get a magical experience thanks to Tamworth Co-op

Whittington Primary School is setting up a ‘magic room’ for pupils after receiving a cash gift from the Tamworth Co-op. Head teacher Sally Wilmot says the room will be a special place for pupils to experience with magic, music, mood lighting and aromatherapy all helping to create a calming atmosphere.

Good news in the ‘pipeline’ from Tamworth Co-op

Tamworth Co-op has secured a ground-breaking agreement with Mid-Counties Co-operative to offer its customers discounted domestic energy. It is hoped that the emergence of a new energy provider, trusted for its core principles, will persuade local people to consider Co-operative Energy an

Tamworth Co-op helps school to equip its new kitchen

Staff at a Lichfield school have been clinking their coffee cups to a local business which helped them put the final touches to their new impressive community café. Saxon Hill School recently completed a £250,000 improvement programme in its dining room which includes a newly opened café area. And money from the Tamworth Co-op’s Community Dividend Fund was used to equip the kitchen, including a set of new crockery.

Retirement club’s funds boosted by Tamworth Co-op

Members of North Warwickshire Retired Miners Club will have two coach outings and a Christmas party to thank the Tamworth Co-op for once 2013 is out. Secretary Andrew Brown says the cheque he received for £579 from the Tamworth Co-op’s Community Dividend Fund ‘astonished’ all the

Tamworth Co-op boosts village’s flower power

Tamworth Co-operative Society is helping a flourishing group of village volunteers to plant the seeds of success. Rosliston in Bloom has received £755 from the Society’s Community Dividend Fund to pay for this year’s spectacular floral display which will also include vegetables. The cheque was

Volunteers get ‘moor’ help from the Tamworth Co-op

A group of volunteers dedicated to enhancing a nature reserve near Tamworth have had their efforts rewarded for the second time in three years by the Tamworth Co-operative Society. The Friends of Warwickshire Moor in Bolehall has received a cheque for £746 from the Society’s Community

Tamworth Co-op provides a living igloo for Wood End school

Pupils at Wood End Primary School were devastated when a hobbit hole they had constructed in a woodland area was recently vandalised. But they are smiling again now having taken delivery of an exciting new treat – a wooden igloo. The willow igloo, which comes in kit form, was funded by money

SPIN over the moon with Tamworth Co-op cheque

A Tamworth charity which caters for young people with special needs is celebrating a £1,522 windfall from the Tamworth Co-op. SPIN (Special People In Need) is a support group formed in 1988 by a group of parents and carers of young people. It has evolved into a youth club with around 150 members
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