About the Community Dividend Fund

The Tamworth Co-operative Society has always provided some financial support to local organisations and charities within its trading area.

The directors have announced that for the tenth year running the Society will operate a Community Dividend Scheme that enables local organisations to benefit from their local store.

Choosing the Organisation to be Adopted in your store.

  • Each store will adopt one organisation to receive the benefits in each trading year (Feb – Jan).
  • Between 8th October and 25th November customers will be able to nominate their organisation.
  • Customers can only vote once and only at one location (multiple voting by a customer will results in all votes cast by that customer being void).

Who is Eligible for Nomination?

  • We are looking for something that is meaningful to a local community e.g. a play group or school, local club for the elderly or special interest group.  The Society will not support any of the big national charities for example Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, and the Stroke Association etc in respect of this initiative.  Organisations must be “not for profit groups.”
  • Each Store will adopt a different organisation.
  • To be considered for nomination, the organisation MUST be local to the store.
  • Organisations that currently benefit from dividend payments as a result of having their own share number will not be eligible for this scheme.
  • The Directors reserve the right to disqualify any organisation that is deemed to be inappropriate to the ethos of the Society or against the spirit of the process.  The Directors may contact a representative of any of the nominated organisations to clarify its aims and objectives.  The Directors will confirm the organisation chosen for each relevant branch.

How to nominate

  • Head to the nomination page and complete the online form, or complete a paper nomination form (available in our stores) and post to: Community Dividend Nominations, FAO Mrs M Pursglove, Tamworth Co-operative Society Ltd, 5 Colehill, Tamworth, Staffs. B79 7HA. Nomination forms will NOT be accepted at stores.
    When will we announce the result?

    • The successful organisation will be publicised in store in 2019.  The Society dividend year runs from Sunday 27th January 2019 until 25th January 2020.  Payments from the Community Dividend Scheme will be made in the early part of 2020.

    How will the nominated organisation generate benefits?

    • Members who normally earn dividends can elect to have those purchases allocated to the adopted organisation.  However, they will not be eligible for dividend on those purchases in their own right.
    • Non members can elect to have their purchases allocated to the adopted organisation.
    • Where appropriate the adopted organisation will be encouraged to work with the local staff and their local community in order to generate additional awareness and revenue for their organisation.
    • At the end of the Financial year the Directors will declare a scheme dividend based on a percentage of sales achieved, this will be allocated to stores (organisations) pro rate to sales recorded at that store.

    Previous Recipients

    Please note that whilst consideration will be given to the total number of nominations an organisation receives, preference may be given to organisations that have not previously been selected as Community Dividend Groups.


    The Directors are seeking to maintain a scheme that is not excessively burdened with rules and regulations.  As a result the Directors of Tamworth Co-operative Society reserve the right to make any decision appropriate to ensure the process in not compromised. Please note that prior recipients will not be eligible for a three year period following financial support.