Home Delivery Service


‘Let us bring home the bacon for you’

Tamworth Co-op’s home delivery service has been running continuously since 1886 offering convenience and exceptional value for money. Goods are delivered free of charge for orders over £30 (see terms and conditions below).

Home delivery customers can now choose from an even greater range of fresh foods, beers, wines and spirits.

The following three options apply to home deliveries:

  1. Visit our town centre supermarket in Tamworth and choose your goods. Simply leave your shopping with us and we’ll then bring your goods home for you.
  2. Email your order to churchstreetshop@tamworth.coop  requesting a return confirmation or call us on 01827 63711 ext. 204.
  3. Housebound customers can use our order book system and place their next order immediately after the current one is delivered.

Terms and conditions

  • Orders over £30 are delivered free of charge..
  • A charge of £2.50 applies to orders under £30.
  • Customers visiting the main supermarket must clear the checkouts before 2pm to secure same day delivery.
  • Delivery of frozen or chilled food is restricted to order book customers
  • Goods are delivered every day except Sunday, but restrictions apply to certain areas. Please ask when making an order.
  • Orders received by telephone or email will be delivered the following day and will incur a £4 charge.
  • Home deliveries may incur an extra charge of 5p per carrier bag used to pack the shopping.


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