Member Dividends

Don’t miss out on your annual ‘divi’


Our dividend system ensures that members of the Tamworth Co-operative Society get a fair share of our profits. It’s central to our ethos… and the more you spend the more you get back.

Dividends are paid annually in the form of vouchers which you can use at any of our outlets.

When you join us you will receive an individual number, a pass card and a member’s card.

If you want to become a member please fill out the form on this page or simply ask for an application form at any of our branches in Staffordshire and South Derbyshire.

Members' dividend card


When you shop at any of our food stores, it couldn’t be easier. Once we process your application we will send you a member’s card which can be read by our state-of-the-art electronic tills. When swiped at our main supermarket tills – or at any of our convenience stores – it will automatically increase the value of your annual vouchers.

Your till receipt will inform you of the points you have earned on your visit and even your running total for the year.

If you’re already a member and haven’t yet applied for a new card you need to fill out the form on this page. Alternatively, just visit any of our stores and ask a staff member to fill in a form on your behalf.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to tell us your selected home store as that is where you will be able to pick up your voucher each year.


When you make a payment at any of our funeral parlours you just need to present your member’s card or passbook so your dividend number can be recorded by our staff. This information will then be used to calculate any dividends earned in addition to your entitlement for making purchases in our food stores. Existing members no longer need to collect receipts in a special envelope.


A new-style dividend envelope will enable you to save all department store receipts and record the information we need to calculate your dividend. When making a purchase you must present your member’s card or passbook. All receipts will contain your dividend number and you should place them for safekeeping in the envelope. There is a section on the outside of the envelope where all transactions must be recorded. So long as you have saved the corresponding receipts, the amounts will again be added to the total dividend you have earned across our stores.


To be eligible to collect a dividend voucher from your nominated home Tamworth Co-op store, envelopes must be handed in before the end of February each year. Envelopes handed in after March 1st will not be considered for dividends until the following year.


Please note that the member’s card does not replace the pass book. You will still need a pass book to collect vouchers or to attend annual general meetings.