Board of Directors

The Tamworth Co-operative Society’s Board of Directors are members of the Society who have been elected by fellow members. They each serve for three years and can then stand for re-election.

The Member Relations Department is run by the Member Relations Committee, a sub-committee of the board based at the Society’s head office in Tamworth. The committee spearheads an ongoing recruitment drive to ensure the Society’s customers are also its members and vice versa. It also ensures the Society is working in the best interests of both its members and the local community. (See Community Dividend Fund)

The Board of Directors is currently made up of the following people:

Mrs S. D. Peaple


SHEREE PEAPLE is a former solicitor, Head of a university Law School and County Councillor. She is now an independent legal education consultant.

Mr R. W. Read

(Vice Chair)

BOB READ had worked more than 40 years for the Society before retiring.

Mr. S. P. Peaple

SIMON PEAPLE- A member of Tamworth Co-op for many years and currently a volunteer archiving the Society’s historical records. Looking to bring a wide range of local knowledge as well as experience in the food industry to the deliberations of the Board.

Mr. S. D. Pursglove

STEVE PURSGLOVE has 27 years’ experience of policing. Prior to this he studied physics and worked in the food production industry.

Mrs A. Brindley

ANNETTE BRINDLEY has been employed by the Society for over 16 years and is currently the Manager at our Glascote Branch

Mr S. Horsham

STEVE HORSHAM started his employment as a trainee electrician in 1987 and has remained with the Society throughout his career, his current position being that of Society Facilities Manager.

Mr D. M. Rose

DAVID ROSE is a former employee whose association with the society stretches back for more than a quarter of a century.

Mrs S. Preece

SUZANNE PREECE is a supporter of local shops and businesses.

Mr M. Jackson

MARK JACKSON has 31 years of experience in Policing. Prior to this as a Manager with Granada Motorway Services and an Operations Manager with a vehicle seating manufacturer in commercial environments.

Management Executive Committee of the Society:

Mr Julian Coles FCCA, ACIS.

Chief Executive Officer & Secretary

JULIAN COLES is the Tamworth Co-operative Society’s Chief Executive Officer and Secretary. He is only the eighth person to hold the title since the society was founded in 1886.

Andy Richardson

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

ANDY RICHARDSON joined the Society as Financial Controller in 2008 having gained 25 years’ experience in the retail sector.

Dan Welsh

Senior General Manager

DAN WELSH heads up the Food Division and is responsible for 12 Food Stores and is the third Senior Executive of the Society

Julie Gasper

JULIE GASPER, the Society’s Business Support Manager, has been employed by the Society for more than 30 years and joined the senior management team in February, 2014.

Glen Speak

General Manager Funeral Services

GLEN SPEAK is responsible for the society’s funeral department and has over 30 years’ experience in the funeral profession.