Tamworth Co-op launches scheme to feed the birds

The Tamworth Co-operative Society’s funeral division has embraced the spirit of a popular Mary Poppins’ song by launching a community initiative to ‘feed the birds.’

Tamworth Co-op presentation

Linda Lowrie, manager of Linden Lodge care home accepts one of the Tamworth Co-op’s bird feeding boxes from funeral director Martin Wassall.

The new scheme is already bringing cheer to elderly people as well as the local bird population in the Tamworth and North Warwickshire.

The Society has just supplied feeding stations for two local care homes free of charge.  In addition Tamworth Co-op staff  have drawn up a rota to ensure that bird seed supplies are regularly replenished.

Amanda Woodward, general manager of the Tamworth Co-op funeral division, says more than half the adult population is involved in feeding Britain’s feathered friends in millions of back gardens.

In recent years there have been several excellent wildlife programmes on TV which has made it an even more popular activity,” she said.

“Older people in particular love to watch birds feeding and enjoy their behaviour and amazing colours. We thought it would be a nice idea to help them continue to do so even when they need the support of a local care home. Hopefully this will bring some joy into the lives of elderly residents, and at the same time provide a boost to our feathered friends.”

The first care homes to receive feeding stations are Linden Lodge in Dordon and Sunningdale in Tamworth.

Diane Cartwright, care supervisor at Linden Lodge, said the new attraction is already proving a big hit among residents.

“They have really enjoyed watching the birds feed,” she said.

“We got a bench quite close to the feeder and they sit there and get a good view of the birds.”

The Tamworth Co-op funeral division is now offering a similar service, not just for other care homes in the areas it serves, but also other worthwhile community organisations.

“We will listen to requests from other care homes in the vicinity and indeed any other community organisations which would appreciate our support free of charge,” said Ms Woodward.

Any group wishing to be considered for the scheme should call Amanda Woodward on Tamworth 62094