Scouts’ joy as Wood End Co-op shoppers provide cash for tents

A group of scouts will be heading off to their annual camp with new tents and other equipment paid for by the generosity of shoppers at their local Tamworth Co-op store.

Customers at the Wood End convenience store donated the dividends they earn from purchases to ensure the village Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are properly kitted out for their outdoor adventures.

Sheila Villers, manager of Wood End Co-op, presented cheque for £500 from Community Dividend Fund to beavers, cubs and scouts who cheered to show their appreciation.

Sheila Villers, manager of Wood End Co-op, presented the cheque for £500 from the Community Dividend Fund to the beavers, cubs and scouts who cheered to show their appreciation.

The £500 cash injection from the Tamworth Co-op shop’s Community Dividend Fund scheme will also help pay for the scouting group’s insurance costs.

Beaver leader Gail Clarke said the money would make a huge difference to the organisation which has about 60 members, aged six to 15.

“Our bill for the insurance came to over £1,600 last year and then there is the equipment and rent we have to pay for. So we are continually fundraising,” she said. “To get this grant is unbelievable because we’ve got a head start now. It will allow us now to get new camping equipment. We need to repair the cookers and gas lights, and the scouts need new tents.”

Sheila Villers, manager of the Wood End Co-op, said: “We’re delighted to help such a worthy organisation.”

The youngsters are heading off on their camp in September and will be learning sports, such as canoeing and rafting at Bosworth Water Park in Market Bosworth.

The group was set up in 2001 by Gail, a former assistant district commissioner for Atherstone, and her husband Mike. With the help of volunteers they also run a full programme of indoor activities.

The children meet every Wednesday in term-time at Wood End Village Hall and enjoy a range of themed craft events and cooking. They have also been given a demonstration on self-defence, as well as a talk by the RNLI on looking after themselves on holiday and learning about warning flags on beaches.