The Archive

The documents in our historic archive date back to the 1890s and have been meticulously scanned and catalogued.

Before browsing through the collection you need to select either the accounts or Co-op magazine archive. It’s then a simple matter of inserting the relevant years in the filter bar.

Found 327 reports in the archive

24th January 2015

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2014-2015

25th July 2015

TCS Unaudited Interim Report – 25th July 2015

23rd January 2016

Directors' Report and Financial Statements 2015-2016

23rd July 2016

Interim Report for the 26 Weeks Ending 23rd July 2016

28th January 2017

Directors' Report and Financial Statement 2016-2017

29th July 2017

Unaudited Interim Report 29th July 2017

27th January 2018

Directors' Report and Financial Statements For the 52 weeks ended 27 January 2018

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