Community Dividend Fund

Community Dividend Fund in action


The Tamworth Co-operative Society has always supported the local community. In 1889, for example, we gave cash to a local cottage hospital, the fire brigade, and even to a member who had lost his horse. This tradition of giving has lasted for more than a century and today’s Tamworth Co-op helps the community in many ways.  Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we held an annual Christmas memorial service for people who have lost loved ones. The Society supports various charities too with ad hoc donations. Our Community Dividend Fund generates a five-figure sum each year which is split between 12 worthy organisations across our trading area.

These are the good causes supported by each branch in 2021:

Branch Charity
Bolehall Ankermoor Primary School
Dordon Dordon Primary School
Dosthill Dosthill Primary Academy
Glascote William McGregor Primary School
Kingsbury Kingsbury Primary School
Lichfield Willows Primary School
Polesworth Nethersole Church of England Academy
Rosliston Roslistion Church of England Primary School
Supermarket Moorgate Primary Academy
Stretton The Fountains High School
Wood End Wood End Primary School
Whittington Whittington Primary School

“We’re local, we’re independent and we care.” 

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Latest Community Dividend Fund presentations :

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Stanton pupils given task of spending Tamworth Co-op cash

Pupils at a village school have had a lot of thinking to do – they’ve been tasked with the job of deciding how to spend a £254 windfall. The money was presented to Stanton Primary School by Tamworth Co-operative Society and came from its Community Dividend Fund which helps numerous good causes

Pupils get a magical experience thanks to Tamworth Co-op

Whittington Primary School is setting up a ‘magic room’ for pupils after receiving a cash gift from the Tamworth Co-op. Head teacher Sally Wilmot says the room will be a special place for pupils to experience with magic, music, mood lighting and aromatherapy all helping to create a calming atmosphere.

Tamworth Co-op helps school to equip its new kitchen

Staff at a Lichfield school have been clinking their coffee cups to a local business which helped them put the final touches to their new impressive community café. Saxon Hill School recently completed a £250,000 improvement programme in its dining room which includes a newly opened café area. And money from the Tamworth Co-op’s Community Dividend Fund was used to equip the kitchen, including a set of new crockery.

Retirement club’s funds boosted by Tamworth Co-op

Members of North Warwickshire Retired Miners Club will have two coach outings and a Christmas party to thank the Tamworth Co-op for once 2013 is out. Secretary Andrew Brown says the cheque he received for £579 from the Tamworth Co-op’s Community Dividend Fund ‘astonished’ all the

Volunteers get ‘moor’ help from the Tamworth Co-op

A group of volunteers dedicated to enhancing a nature reserve near Tamworth have had their efforts rewarded for the second time in three years by the Tamworth Co-operative Society. The Friends of Warwickshire Moor in Bolehall has received a cheque for £746 from the Society’s Community
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