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Tamworth Co-op records best financial results for 25 years

Tamworth Co-operative Society has announced its best set of financial results for at least 25 years.

Community dividend scheme helps cadets launch careers

Generous shoppers have handed over their ‘divi’ money to help train the next generation of fighter pilots and improve the job prospects of young people.

Community Dividend Fund helps older generation get with ‘IT’

A computer club which helps the elderly and isolated to stay in touch through information technology is one of the neighbourhood groups benefiting from the Tamworth Co-op Community Dividend Fund.

Tamworth Co-op shoppers raise hundreds of pounds for village school

Around 200 pupils at Hurley Primary School will be able to figure out maths better in future, thanks to generous Wood End shoppers.

Tamworth Co-op buys fast cars destined for the slow lane

Tamworth Co-operative Society has invested £400,000 in three high-performance cars to serve its clients. But even though the vehicles have a top speed of 155mph they will rarely leave the slow lane. In fact most days they will be driven at a stately 20mph.

Charity is ‘lift-ed’ by huge cheque from Tamworth Co-op

A Catholic charity is reaching out to people of all persuasions, buoyed by a bumper donation from the Tamworth Co-operative Society and its shoppers.

Dordon church volunteers get ‘divi-ne’ help to continue work

Community-minded shoppers in Dordon have handed over their Co-op ‘divis’ to help a band of dedicated volunteers maintain the village churchyard.

Collection plates overflow with cash for Samaritans and church

Churchgoers put a generous £800 into the collection plate at a service held at St Editha’s.
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