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Charity is ‘lift-ed’ by huge cheque from Tamworth Co-op

A Catholic charity is reaching out to people of all persuasions, buoyed by a bumper donation from the Tamworth Co-operative Society and its shoppers.

Dordon church volunteers get ‘divi-ne’ help to continue work

Community-minded shoppers in Dordon have handed over their Co-op ‘divis’ to help a band of dedicated volunteers maintain the village churchyard.

Collection plates overflow with cash for Samaritans and church

Churchgoers put a generous £800 into the collection plate at a service held at St Editha’s.

Sea Cadets on crest of a wave after ‘phenomenal’ gift

The final organisation to benefit from Tamworth Co-operative Society’s recently launched Cash in the Bag scheme has been announced.

Group ‘stunned’ by size of cheque from Tamworth Co-op

An award-winning organisation which provides free activities and job advice to thousands of people is celebrating after receiving a huge windfall from the Tamworth Co-op Cash in the Bag scheme.

Tamworth Co-op ‘bags’ up an extra £20,000 for local causes

Tamworth Co-op is to hand out an extra £20,000 to local good causes over the coming weeks as part of its new ‘Cash in the Bag’ scheme.

Anniversary wreath laid on the grave of Tamworth’s ‘champion of the poor’

A floral wreath has been laid on the grave of William MacGregor, Tamworth’s ‘champion of the poor,’ to mark the 130th anniversary of the Tamworth Co-operative Society which he founded.

First Christmas memorial service hosted by Woodville funeral branch proves a big success

Young and old came together to remember lost loved ones in a moving service designed to bring comfort to the bereaved over Christmas.
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