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Tamworth Co-op launches scheme to feed the birds

The Tamworth Co-operative Society’s funeral division has embraced the spirit of a popular Mary Poppins’ song by launching a community initiative to ‘feed the birds.’

Glascote to get a bigger and better Co-op convenience store

Tamworth Co-operative Society says the conversion of a former Glascote pub into a new convenience store will preserve the character of the building while boosting the area’s shopping and parking facilities.  Planning permission was recently granted for the Society to relocate its existing Glascote food store to the nearby pub site and residents are being assured of a ’sensitive’ development.

Tamworth Co-op provides the ‘write’ kind of support

Wood End Primary School pupils have been put on the ‘write’ path by the Tamworth Co-op. The school has received £786 to spend on cross curriculum creative writing projects.Head of School Mrs Carolyn Hadley said the cash will help fire the children’s enthusiasm for writing by funding events such as author visits.

Brownies get a jumbo size cheque from Tamworth Co-op

A village Brownie pack has taken delivery of a £671 cheque from the Tamworth Co-operative Society. Gaynor Satherley, Brown Owl at Whittington 1st Brownies, was stunned by the amount raised by the Society’s Community Dividend Fund.

Dosthill to benefit from a new Tamworth Co-op store

Tamworth Co-operative Society bosses say a new convenience store to be built on the site of the former Dosthill Cosmopolitan Club will boost the area’s facilities and create around 20 jobs. The modern store will stock a wide range of fresh food products and will have its own 22-bay parking area for

Co-op garage is a driving force behind new Tamworth charity   

Tamworth Co-op garage and MOT centre has topped up a new charity’s fundraising tank and reaffirmed its ongoing support. Tamworth Forever Fund aims to generate an ever increasing charity pot for generations to come. Cash donated to the fund is invested by experts at Staffordshire Community Foundation and Interest is divided between community groups on an annual basis.

Tamworth Co-op cash will help stroke victims to recover

People recovering from strokes are to benefit from a valuable  physiotherapy aid, thanks to the Tamworth Co-operative Society. A £783 cheque from the Society will enable the Step Forward Stroke Support Group to buy an ‘Able X’ – a piece of exercise equipment which can help people to recover movement in their bodies.

Pre-school services will be ‘enhanced’ by Society cash

A village pre-school says a bumper cheque it has received from the Tamworth Co-operative Society will ‘enhance’ the service it provides to both children and parents. Christine Finney, manager of Kingsbury Village Pre School, says the group was expecting to receive around £300 from the Tamworth Co-op’s Community Dividend Fund.
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